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The city of Veliko Tarnovo

The city of  Veliko Tarnovo is situated in central north Bulgaria, at the foot of Stara Planina mountain. It is spread on the historical hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora, towering above the Yantra River and its broad curves - a beautiful sight that captures everyone's breath.

The town lies at almost equal distances from the largest cities in the country - 241 km northeast of the capital city of Sofia, 228 km southwest of Varna, 192 km northeast of Plovdiv and 224 km northwest of Bourgas.

Veliko Tarnovo is an administrative center, but the favorable climate and the availability of natural and historical sights and traditional crafts are prerequisites for tourism development.


Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most beautiful cities in our country. During the long centuries of existence, here in the city are created and stored unique cultural monuments associated with the glorious history of the Bulgarian people. Preserved ruins of castles, palaces and churches are silent witnesses to the Bulgarian culture flourishing in XII-XIV century. Here every stone speaks of the Bulgarian heroic times during the centuries - the liberation uprising in year 1185 аgainst Byzantium Empire, the famous battle of Adrianople in year 1205 and the capture of the Latin emperor Baldwin of the Flanders, the glorious victory in the battle of Klokotnitsa, the glorious coming of the winner Ivaylo in year 1278. Each stone on Tsarevets and Trapezitsa hills is reminding of the epic battle to protect the ancient capital city and the Bulgarian Kingdom against the Ottoman oppressors in year 1393. The ruins bear witness to brutal reprisals to the defenders and barbaric devastation of cultural monuments from the oppressors.


Veliko Tarnovo is a city that grabs the visitor at first sight, with an exceptional location. It seems to be spilled on the steep hills near the whimsical curves of Yantra river, decorated wreath of lace rock. It delights every guest with its beautiful old houses - light, perched one over another, huddled next to each other, yet each of them has its own nature, place and form. This is a city that makes an impression and influence with its original, unique, specific Revival architecture. It leaves irresistible impressions. This town is a muse for poets, scholars and travellers. It is a place where the generosity of nature has created unique forms and colors. Here are the masterpieces of Kolyo Ficheto from the Bulgarian renaissance. The Gurko street fascinates with its location high above the cliffs of Yantra river and its small but beautiful homes arranged in tiers. Very impressive are also the houses on M. Raikovich, Kraibrejna and Varosh streets with their open wooden verandas, cute windows, geranium and vine trees, wooden ceilings and closets - one inexhaustible wealth of spiritual and material values, accumulated for centuries. The striking impact of this amazing city lies primarily in its historical presence.
Veliko Tarnovo is increasingly attractive for tourists from Bulgaria and abroad. Every year the city reinforces the tendency to become one of the most visited places in Eastern Europe, which will further help to its transformation into a truly European city - a city open to innovation and future but preserving its individuality and history.